James Henry Olney


Senior Digital Analytics and Search Manager at Cogent Elliott

I am a seasoned digital analyst, search manager and conversion specialist. I’m an expert in digital data analytics, search marketing and conversion optimisation.


At my position with Cogent Elliott, I developed and crafted the Digital Analytics, Search and Conversion offering from its inception four years ago. And to this day help to build on and develop this into what it has become today offering a variety of expert services to many different clients.

I have worn many different hats in my career —Technical Consultant, Digital Analytics Implementation Expert, SEO Executive, Digital Analytics Manager, Technical Search Optimisation Pro, Information Architect, Content Strategist, Conversion Expert, and General Data Geek!

  • I have built and managed what used to be Thailand’s largest property website.
  • I have helped clients measure and understand their web presence online. This has informed their marketing budgets and priorities.
  • I have tracked user interactions to craft better experiences online, this has in turn resulted in improved conversion rates, increased revenue and sign ups.
  • I have helps focus and refine concepts by analysing and making decisions based on interpretation of data.
  • I have processed, summarised and visualised many large and complex datasets into clear live holistic business intelligence dashboards.
  • I have benchmarked, researched and identified opportunities. I have used gap analysis, quantitative and qualitative research to inform UX and Design decisions, Multivariate & ABn Tests, Search Marketing Strategies and Media Strategies.
  • I have designed, specified and implemented large-scale, complex and consequential Web Analytics implementations. Used to track marketing and user activity online.

My enthusiasm is in understanding, recording and analysing online interactions. Then communicating this data clearly, visually and concisely so that actions taken are justifiable and results are attributable.



Analytics Individual Qualification

June 2014 - December 2015

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AdWords Advanced Search Qualification

June 2014 - December 2015

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AdWords Advanced Display Qualification

June 2014 - December 2015

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I worked with James for 4 years at Cogent Elliott and during that time it became evident that James had a very impressive knowledge and knack for all things search and conversion, PPC and analytics.

James is not afraid to get elbows deep in data and would often be found writing his own SQL queries to drill down into data. He has a keen eye for analytical detail and also a strong technical background which means he is comfortable wearing many different hats, from configuring Google AdWords campaigns to writing JavaScript tracking snippets for Google Analytics and everything in between.

James is also a great guy with a very personable nature, he is always willing to take time out to help others. I'd happily work alongside James any day of the week.

Owen Bush Senior Back-End Web Developer at Cogent Elliott


Senior Digital Analytics and Search Manager at Cogent Elliott

My responsibilities included:

  • Managing Large Search, Analytics and Conversion Clients
  • Devising SEO strategies and projects to further organic visibility of websites.
  • Planning, specifying and implementing complex Web Analytics integrations for example Google Universal Analytics and IBM CoreMetrics.
  • Planning, designing and measuring ABn/multivariate tests.
  • Advising on SEO page content
  • Advising and wire framing landing page elements and functions.
  • Briefing and approving page copy.
  • Enabling the accurate collection of custom data sets from user interactions for further analysis.
  • In depth research and competitor benchmarking used Experian HitWise and other industry tools.
  • Analysing big data sets in order to analyse past activity in order to plan for future marketing activity.
  • Dissecting web analytics and heat mapping data to inform page content, function leading to conversion improvements or testable hypotheses to construct new multivariate tests from.

Search Executive at Cogent Elliott

My responsibilities included:

  • Conducting technical organic search optimisation research.
  • Providing SEO guidance to a variety of different clients.
  • Information architecture for new web site builds.
  • Advanced Google Analytics implementations for large scale international clients.
  • Running Google Analytics training workshops for clients.
  • Competitor research and benchmarking.


Curriculum Vitae

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